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Bristol Council Press Release

  • Bristol’s FGM Safeguarding Partnership welcomes Girl Summit’s focus on FGM

    Bristol’s Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Safeguarding and Delivery Partnership welcomes the first Girl Summit’s focus on FGM and its goal of ending FGM within a generation.

    The Bristol Safeguarding Children Board estimates about 2,000 girls in the city are at risk from FGM, the name given to procedures that intentionally change or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

    Release date:  Monday, 21 July, 2014
  • Bristol City Council will closely monitor resumption of Boomeco operations

    Bristol City Council has sent out an uncompromising message in advance of Boomeco resuming transport of waste-to-fuel bales from Avonmouth.

    The authority has put the firm on notice by serving it with an enforcement order requiring it to adhere to a strict set of working conditions - or face prosecution.

    And it will use close monitoring by on-site Environmental Health officers to ensure that there is no repeat of the recent fly-infestation outbreak.

    Release date:  Friday, 18 July, 2014
  • Over 100 changes made as Clifton Village Residents’ Parking Scheme is approved

    Over 100 changes - including longer pay and display times, extra permits for businesses and additional permits for hotels and conference venues – have been made as part of a formal decision to proceed with Residents’ Parking for Clifton Village.

    The scheme is now set to be launched in October this year and will be supported by a newly established Park and Ride bus service from the A4 Portway, which starts running its direct service in September.

    Release date:  Thursday, 17 July, 2014
  • South Bristol's Children's Centres come together for Hengrove Park Fun Day

    Southern Links Children’s Centre and Nursery, in partnership with Hartcliffe, Knowle West, Ilminster and Four Acres Children Centres, are holding a children’s fun day this Friday at Hengrove Park.

    The five Children’s Centres have teamed up to hold a day full of all kinds of activities aimed at entertaining young children and families.  Activities include face painting, storytelling, parachute games and music sessions. 

    Release date:  Wednesday, 16 July, 2014
  • Young people reminded of the dangers of burning this summer

    Young people reminded on the dangers of burning this summer

    Release date:  Wednesday, 16 July, 2014
  • South Bristol communities set to get the benefit of 20mph speed limit.

    The rollout of Bristol City Council’s 20mph scheme continues this week as roads in Filwood, Knowle, Brislington and Ashton Vale adopt the lower, safe speed limit.

    To mark the launch Knowle residents joined officers from Broadbury Road Neighbourhood Policing team, local schoolchildren and councillors on a Community Speed Watch to monitor driving speeds in their neighbourhood.

    Release date:  Friday, 11 July, 2014